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Cumdump Vision Board!

Cumdump Vision Board!

The next big thing in slave and kink training? VISION BOARDS. That’s right-the vanilla law of attraction style “wishing” tool is now a KINKY thing too. I always manage to bring fantastic ideas to slut training and this is no exception. Gonna make one for Me? Keep reading to see the CUMDUMP Vison Board made by My slut jeff.


First things first. Do you know what a Vision Board is? It is a grouping of images and words representing your wishes or goals. It is supposed to serve as inspiration or motivation. A vision board is a visual way to focus on your life goals. You SEE them there in front of you and you end up attaining them because it INSPIRES you.


Some ppl say Vision Boards are BS. I say, make one, fucker. BUT make it for your slutty goals. Make one showing all the kinky, slutty things you want to happen to YOU. I had my slut jeff work on one. They can be made either in real life (cutting our pics) or online. Jeff made one online as a task for Me and now he has a way to inspire himself towards the sluthole dreams I have for him. 


Wanna see it? OF COURSE YOU DO… Here you go.

erotic vision board

Now go make one for Me, too.

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