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Suckoff Shocker

A guest short story written by “suckboy” telling a fucking hot and horny coerced bi setup…

Call me stupid or just or just an over juiced perv. I can’t believe that I could be so gullible.
It all started like most sordid events in a bar. Nothing special nothing fancy just Pedro’s Corner Cantina a spot that I had never been to before. You see I almost never go to bars. They always make me feel uncomfortable and out of place. My girlfriend hates them too. But the day had been so horrible between bosses and customers I had more than enough BS that particular day.
I found myself sitting alone at a booth in a dark corner minding my own business nursing some cheap domestic draft beer, when I sensed her entering. She was a goth twenty something dressed as if ripped from my own fantasy vault. A dark private school girl with a too short black and red tartan skirt and mid calf high ass kicker leather boots. I got dizzy from the instant mass movement of blood within my body. She scanned the room as she spun in a perfect circle like a Big Cat searching for prey. And imagine my fright as her gaze stopped on me. She then strutted straight to my booth and sat down. Her words chilled me to the bone. “Congratulations you are the loser who gets the honor of sucking my boyfriends massive cock for his birthday present. Aren’t you so lucky faggot” Needless to say I almost passed out and couldn’t even speak. I had never seriously even considered giving a guy head before except maybe in a stray fantasy
She didn’t even give me time to think up a response she grabbed me by one of my ears and lifted me up and dragged me out of the bar like a mother dragging her misbehaving son in front of everyone and shouted “this fag has some dick to suck “ for all to hear. She led me to a Jeep and opened the back door and virtually tossed me in the back seat. The slammed the door and got in the drivers side and sped off. I was in such shock that I still couldn’t speak. Speeding through town I could only whimper.

Minutes later we pulled up to a low rent apartment complex that I drove by daily and parked. As she opened the back door I attempted to muster up a protest. She was having none of it and just slapped me solidly across my face ending all thought of opposition. Then grabbing my still red and sore ear led me to a stairway and up several floors. And then into a apartment decorated as one would expect a Dominant Goth girls place would be.painted dark colors with skulls appearing in multiple decorative ways. I wasn’t given time to appraise the place I was tossed into a back room as She Shouted out “Happy Birthday Frankie darlin. “Here’s the cock sucker I promised you” . In seconds my eyes adapted to the light level in the room and I saw him. A very big muscular and tall but equally goth man wearing only boxers and many tats. He looked at me in surprise and said to her “darling I should know better to ever doubt you” Then to me said “she hates the thought of me being with other women so for variety she gets me some stray ass wipe to suck my cock for my birthday each year, isn’t she so thoughtful ? But it has to be a straight guy because I’m not gay” I started looking around for a way out But she wasn’t going to let me she grabbed my shirt collar and led me to where he was laying on the bed and kicked my knees out from behind so I fell at the foot of the bed she then grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his crotch area “ pull his undies down with your teeth girl” needless to say I did as ordered. The she said “ now get your faggot mouth on his man meat and you better give him the best birthday blowjob he’s ever had or I will kick your useless balls in with my boots now get to work”

Somehow I got my mouth to his cock and inserted it after some gagging and retching I did d get to work on my first ever blowjob. Up and down down and up only interrupted by him pulling it out to slap me across the face repeatedly numerous times. After what seemed an eternity I could feel his orgasm building to a crescendo. She must have sensed this also because she pulled my head up and spitting in my face shouted “make sure you swallow it all and don’t spill a drop of his birthday seed” His cock was again shoved in my mouth and within seconds was spurting what felt like a gallon of cum down my throat and into my belly. This must have taken five full minutes to drain his balls. He then pulled it out and wiped the stray cum in my hair.
After that point things got kind of fuzzy and the next thing I knew I was back in the very same booth in Pedro’s with wet stringy hair and the taste of cum in my mouth. And oddly all I could wonder is when someone would wish me a Happy Birthday because yes it happened to be my birthday also

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