Nothing but a pair of holes. Enjoy this Coerced Bi fan fiction piece.

Nothing but a Pair of HOLES!

What happens when a total jerk who likes to use and judge women gets a surprise cum-uppance? Read this CB Fan Fiction and find out how a bitch goes from rude wanna be “cock of the walk” to a used cock-in-his-mouth! Submitted by CB super-fan Rod!

I’m kinda a pudgy guy but not bad looking, so with the right girls I tend to do ok in the romance department.

You might call me a cold love them and leave them guy with heavier lonely girls.
Right now I’m checking out the local pub where I’ve had moderate success in the past when I see a blonde sitting alone at the bar. She has real big and real bright blonde hair. And probably about 40 extra pounds for her height. She seems to be alone with several empty glasses in front of her. So I slide in next to her and say “ wow! My evening sure is suddenly looking up” what’s your name gorgeous? “ She looked up at me and got a little twinkle in her eye and a smile suddenly appeared on her face . Something behind that smile made me uneasy but I ignored that and soldiered on. We made small talk for about twenty minutes. Before she said “hey you wanna come back to my place?” I said “sure , with an emphasis on the cum “ and laughed. I insisted on following her car in mine so I could make my getaway clean and fast. She led me to a little house on a dark street as I parked at the curb she walked up to the door and knocked.

The door quickly opened and I saw a tall swarthy guy with both arms covered in tattoos standing there. She said hi to him and ushered me past him through the doorway not giving me time to have second thoughts. I heard Mr. Tattoo laugh as I walked past him. I was getting rather nervous due to the unexpected roommate of hers. So I said to her “am I here at a bad time ? Should I leave ? “ She just walked up to me smiling and slapped me so hard across the face that my ears rang. I was stunned to silence. I heard her say with a giggle “what a little bitch “ . She then said “save your tears for when Edgar is ramming his eleven inch cock down your throat little man” I couldn’t believe my ears. Seeing the shock on my face she then said “ you didn’t really think that a woman like me would fall for your stupid lines or your sissy like features”

I just brought you home as a couple of holes for Edgar to use so he would leave me alone for the night ha ha “ Now get your clothes off and holes lubed and ready because trust me you don’t want him to do you dry” My eyes searched for an escape route she saw this and her arm drew back and swung forward so quickly and struck me so hard across the face that I dropped to my knees. I then lost all hope of rebellion and took my shirt and pants off soon followed by my underwear. She then dragged me by my hair into a bedroom and said “Edgar have fun with this sissy bitch I’m gonna get some sleep , when your through make sure he has his clothes when you toss him out the neighbors are tired of all the naked slut walk of shames through the street “

I was still in shock as Edgar’s more like thirteen inch cock smacked me in the face it smelled oddly enough of Fritos but tasted much worse as it then entered my lips and came to rest on my tongue. With only a slight hesitation and no words he then starting thrusting his hips thus forcing his tool in and out of my mouth. Then s seemed to go on for hours until I felt his ass muscles start to tighten and then I felt a steady stream of fluid invading my throat and filling my stomach . Before I had a chance to come to grips with the fact that some strange man had just fucked my mouth and cum down my throat I felt his large rough hands grab my hips and flip me crudely on my stomach and at the same time that I realized that I had forgot all about the lube he rammed his giant cock right into my virgin ass. I must have screamed because I heard him laugh and rhythmically thrust in and out deeper and deeper in my now on fire rectum. Oh what my chauvinist act had got me into My asshole would surely never be the same. In and out up and down big Edgar used and came in every possible orifice I have many times throughout the evening until I was covered in more cum than I ever imagined could possibly exist. After he was bored of what my body had to offer he just roughly shoved me out the door than suddenly remembering his housemates admonition he tossed my underwear and pants after me into the dirt. Then noticing my shirt picked it up an after wiping his dripping cock with it tossed it and in my face. I dressed quickly and hobbled to my car sitting gingerly in the seat and drive home.

Well it took me days to recover enough to be able to sit for any length of time . But as soon as I was up to it I drove by that house where I had truly lost my virginity but it seemed to be abandoned. I also frequented the bar where I met her every night for weeks but never saw her again. I don’t know what I expected would happen if we met again but For some crazy reason I missed Edgar’s immense cock and the feel of it invading my body. Instead I had to settle for much smaller and less satisfying dicks behind the local adult movie house.


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