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Coerced Dreams

Coerced Dreams

Do you ever dream of being USED? Used as a hole? A way for a hard dick to relieve itself inside a wet something? USED by a cruel and uncaring person as a sex object? MADE to suck dicks and perform oral sex and MORE on multitudes of nameless throbbing cocks? If you answered YES then you are in the RIGHT PLACE. CoercedBI dot com is the HOME for human glory holes to find themselves. This is THE PLACE for you to explore your kinks, be they new or years in the making. We understand your need. Your NEED and CRAVING to be used as a wet mouth. Your need and craving to provide release to full sacks of cum. Matter of fact, this is ALL coerced bi dot com focuses on….using you and others like you as ways to drain fulll balls.

Do not be surprised at how “forward” this post might seem. It IS very forward. Dirty talk is essential for training the mind and mouth that will be sucking cock. Oh, you thought it just happened with no training whatsoever? Sure, sometimes it does. But for most human glory holes coerced bi is a PROCESS. It can take time to move from dreaming of cocks to actually sucking cocks. Training prepares you to do it and to be a GOOD little cocksucker. And YES, skill  matters. This is FORCED BI we re talking about here, not a random one off bisexual experience. Forced Bi involves sucking cocks and going down on dicks for the sake of someone else. It is NOT for the sake of YOU. It is for the sake of your Owner or Enforcer. There is always going to be someone behind you pushing your face down on that cock, either literally or figuratively.

Being able to suck dicks WELL and do a fucking great job at it is imperative. Your Owner or Enforcer will expect this as part of your service. It IS after all ultimately for THEIR benefit that you suck these cocks, NOT your own. You are simply a mouth to be used. Some of you will be a WILLING mouth and some of you…not so much, lol. Either way requires training and a specific mindset. There are tools to help you achieve this mindset. Video and audio files can be some of THE most effectibve ways to train your mind first and later on your mouth. Use them as a way to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT…

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