Home forced biForced Bi versus Coerced Bi. Is there even any difference?
Forced Bi versus Coerced Bi. Is there even any difference?

Forced Bi versus Coerced Bi. Is there even any difference?

You already know the term FORCED BI but now you are starting to see COERCED BI everywhere you look. Hell, even on THIS SITE you see both terms being used although the site is called coercedbi.com . So what, if anything, is the big damn difference? Well, there isn’t one. Seeing BOTH of them is something you can expect from now on.

The traditional term has always been Forced Bi. The reason you came to this site is probably because you LOVE the idea of being made to go down on strange cocks by some demanding Domme or Daddy type. So WHY the sudden shift to the term Coerced Bi? The real reason is because the fetish, porn and clip industry is slowly maoving away from phrases and descriptions that use the word forced. It is now viewed as a big “no-no” and people see it as a somewhat politically incorrect term. I know you are thinking “since when does political correctness come into play in KINK?” Well it doesn’t. Not to you and ME at least. this is why I still use the term forced bi everywhere. You already know what it means and you likely found this site while searching for stuff about forced bi and other kinky fetishy stuff.

Ever since new rules like FOSTA/SESTA came into play (look it up) things have changed. Not only that but billing companies that service kinky video and porn clip sites will no longer let those sites use their merchant services or banks IF words like forced are used. This extends to more things than just Forced Bi fetish and words like forced by the way. But the point is their restrictions meant that kinky people and sellers of filth (like ME) have had to start using different terms for some of your favorite kinks as well as stop selling some TYPES of kink entirely (think intox or things showing blood and more).

This is where COERCED BI comes into play. The phrase coerced bi manages to skirt past the rules nicely without losing its main meaning. So expect to see it used more and more. But FUCKKKK you freaky types already figured it out or you wouldn’t even BE here, huh. Keep your eyes open for even MORE term changes-phrases like IMPOSED BI are starting to be used, too.

But COERCED BI is the one that matters. WHY? Because it is the one we use most HERE. So whether you are a cocksucker or that mean manipulative fucker who just loves pushing down faces on cocks, THIS is your new hub for training and sexy blogs about forced bi. Get sum, bitch.

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