Home fagmakerFrom Office Perv to Submissive Suckbitch! A hot girl made me a FAG!
From Office Perv to Submissive Suckbitch! A hot girl made me a FAG!

From Office Perv to Submissive Suckbitch! A hot girl made me a FAG!

What happens when a sexy Lady holds all the cards? what happens when she catches you jerking off to her at work? Can you say FORCED BI???

Enjoy this sexy short from sub rod, a frequent contributor here at coercedbi.com

“We would eat lunch together at work, me a middle age divorced guy and Her a cute twenty two year old gorgeous girl named Tretia. Our lunches together were more a matter of convenience and timing, our lunch breaks were at the same time. I would eat my home packed sandwich and she would have a salad. She wasn’t the hottest woman ever but had a perfect butt and supersized boobs. And I’ve always been a sucker for big boobs and hers were exceptional both in size and shape. And Tretia sure knew how to dress to showcase them. We would usually talk about her life and weekend activities. Her life was much more interesting than mine would ever be or so I thought. She had lots of sex with a variety of men who were endowed much above normal mortal males.
One day her story took a different turn Tretia was saying how she had met a man who insisted on having head performed on his eleven inch thick cock before every sexual event. And she said that her mouth and throat were getting sore. And it seemed that he wasn’t the only one who was so inclined. She let it slip one time that she wished she had another mouth to use. And giggled while I of course watched her tits bounce up and down. Now I would spend most of our lunches staring at those same tits and after would run to the restroom stall and jerk off thinking of them.Never to the thought of her sexual exploits but only to the image of her massive breasts heaving back and forth while she was getting fucked. Needless to say I came buckets each time and returned to my desk with a huge smile.
One day Tretia was again regaling me with her story of the night before when she got a huge smile on her face and said “I bet this one will cause you to blow a extra big load” I couldn’t believe my ears and I tried to mumble a quick denial. She laughed and said “do you think I’m dumb I see you ogling my tits and then running as fast as you can with a pup tent pitched in your pants into the restroom and then coming out with a little stain in your pants after every lunch”. “You are so pitiful getting off on my getting fucked by real men and so easily controlled by my boobs”. “ In fact I bet I could get you to do anything I want just for the chance to look at my tits and jack off” I turned bright red and she just laughed. “ I want you at my place tonight at 9pm and don’t be late” She then strutted off and I ran to the men’s room as quickly as I could.
I of course arrived at 8:55 pm and gathered the courage to knock on her door. She opened it and just laughed out loud and said “ I knew it “ As I entered her place I heard a male voice from the other room say in a deep tone “who’s that baby ?”. She pushed me in the bedroom and said “this Marcus is my throat stand in so to speak” and she cackled out loud. And to me she said “tit freak meet Marcus you will be providing the pre sex blow jobs to prepare Marcus’s cock for my pussy, just make sure if he cums you don’t leave any messes and clean it off good before it goes in me” I was almost at a loss for words but managed the following. “Why would I do this I’m not gay? “ She laughed and said “well I’m not too sure on that one yet , but after I’m all good and fucked you get to stroke your tiny little sausage off to the sight of my amazing naked titties. Now get down by Marcus and get to work so you can jerk, tit freak. “ I couldn’t believe that I could be so horny for anyone’s tits to actually suck cock but obviously by my being here I was. I then got on my knees and as ordered got to work. I put my lips around his semi erect supersized cock and commenced to sucking. His cock soon grew to its full glory under my handy work and I was soon gagging and could hardly move my head up or down anymore. It was so large only the tip and about a quarter of the shaft could fit. I still managed to suck on the end go a while and then could sense his body getting rigid and he cursed “fuck I’m goddamn cuming in this faggots mouth” and with a grunt he ejaculated spurt after spurt of man jizz down my throat deep into my innards for what seemed to be ten minutes. Then I heard Tretia say “ now lick it all clean so it’s ready for my glorious pussy , boy” so of course I did just that.
Then I had to wait another hour while he satisfied her need for giant cock in her pussy. And when she climbed off him she lifted her wonderful boobs in both hands and said “go ahead boy claim your prize but again leave no mess. “ I pounded out the most explosive ejaculation of my life right into my other hand and then sent my jizz to join Marcus’s in my belly.
Since that night I have cum to the sight of her tits many times and of course for payment swallowed many of her lovers pre sex loads. And to tell the truth it is so worth it.”

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